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Hosted Contact Center

The call center business is changing.  A dicey economy is constraining profitability and customer interactions are taking place via phone, email, chat and even video. Maintaining aging technologies while trying to keep up with customer expectations can be exhausting and expensive.

Hosted Contact Center delivers an affordable and feature rich solution that eliminates operational headaches.  Provider based Hosted Contact Centers are scalable Software-as-a-service solutions that carry almost zero infrastructure maintenance cost and minimal deployment requirements.  Call centers managers can immediately retire their antiquated premise based systems and leverage a robust Contact Center solution delivered over the Cloud; maximizing security, uptime and profitability.

PDF Why Hosted? Beyond the Traditional Contact Center (Qwest)

PDF Premise vs. Hosted Contact Center (inContact)

Advantages of Hosted Contact Center:

  • Minimal up-front implementation costs
  • No hardware to buy, maintain or upgrade
  • Highly scalable, secure and resilient network based solution
  • Multiple sites can operate as one, reducing management costs
  • Flexibility for At-Home representatives
  • Billed only for you use each month
  • Faster implementation that CPE solutions
  • Seamless integration with in-house software including CRM

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