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MPLS / IP VPN solutions provide a fully meshed private IP network that can replace legacy networks, such as Frame Relay or ATM, and are specifically engineered for next generation IP applications including VoIP and video.

Enterprise solutions start at $399/month per location

Standard service includes:

  • Full IP T1 (1.544 Mbps) to MPLS Network
  • Local Loop Costs
  • Managed Cisco Router
  • SLAs for Latency, Packet Loss, Jitter and Uptime
  • Optional Add-ons for VoIP, additional Redundancy, Public Internet Access and more

PDF Making the transition to MPLS

PDF MPLS Issue paper: What Who Where Why


What can MPLS /IP VPN do for my distributed Enterprise?

  • Reduce total telecom costs by as much as 70% by combining voice, data, and video on one network
  • Eliminate ALL intra-office long distance costs
  • Allow IT staff to focus on core business objectives
  • Secure your data using private IP networking rather than the open “public” network of the Internet
  • Use classes of service (CoS/QoS) and priority queuing so your network knows which traffic is most important and ensures that it takes priority over other traffic
  • Further converge your networks by adding Voice over IP and video
  • Built-in disaster recovery and network survivability with an MPLS “fully meshed” topology
  • Simplify network management by supporting just one network and one protocol
  • Increase bandwidth while lowering costs

MPLS/ IP VPN for retailers and restaurants start at just $99/month per location

Standard package includes:

  • Business Class ADSL connection
  • Free installation
  • Free managed DSL router
  • Direct connections to leading payment processors
  • SLAs for uptime, repair, latency and more

What can MPLS/ IP VPN do for my retail / restaurant chain?

  • Reduce the long distance costs associated with dial-up when transferring data between locations
  • Reduce your total cost per transaction (CPT)
  • Get real-time inventory and sales information across your stores
  • Scalable network allows you to add applications like wireless POS, faster payment processing, kiosks, loyalty cards, distance learning, and RFID
  • Connect all your stores on one network allowing for real time data between locations
  • Faster POS transaction times (2-3 seconds) increase sales and customer satisfaction
  • Reduce labor costs by minimizing management of multiple connections at the corporate office
  • Add security with direct transport of POS traffic to your payment processor
  • Find connectivity for new stores quickly with TelcoIQ’s One Point of Contact
  • Meet CISP Compliancy requirements
  • Connect directly to leading payment processors including American Express, First Data, Payment Tech, Shazam, Vital , RBS Link and many more
  • Distributed Networks
  • Frame & ATM Alternative
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Secure Data & Voice

Is MPLS / IP VPN the right solution for your company?

Simply contact a Solution specialist to help determine if is the right choice for your organization.