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Internet T1

A T1 circuit is the standard for business Internet connectivity throughout the United States. With dependable speeds of up to 1.54 Mbps of dedicated bandwidth, T1 connections easily handle the demands of users operating in an increasingly data-centric world. T1s provide constant data throughput for both up and down stream data traffic. Our providers have industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that cover uptime, latency, and packet loss. T1s are one of the building blocks for MPLS and IP VPN networks which allow businesses to connect their locations in the US and internationally into one seamless network for data, voice, and video. T1s have the flexibility to be used as individual connections, or they can be bundled together as a NxT1 / Bonded T1, which provides a cost-effective alternative to DS3 connections.

  • Web Conferencing
  • Email Access
  • VoIP
  • E-commerce Applications

Is Internet T1 the right solution for your company?

Simply contact a Solution specialist to help determine if Internet T1 is the right choice for your organization.

Questions to Ask When Purchasing Your T1

Who is the service provider?

All T1 providers are not created equal. Be sure that you are working with a reputable Tier 1 Carrier. Many providers will oversubscribe their networks and you may end up getting less bandwidth than you wanted.

Is equipment, or any other additional service included?

Most service providers can supply all required equipment for your T1, including routers, for little or no cost. Be sure to make any expectations you may have for additional IP addresses or hosting services known prior to completing your service contract.

How many T1s can be bonded together?

If you may need more bandwidth in the near future, be sure your provider offers scalable bonded T1 options. Most Tier 1 providers can bond a maximum of 4 to 8 T1 circuits (up to 12Mbps).